Environmental Quad Day

On Monday April 22, more than one dozen RSOs on campus set up for the 2nd annual Environmental Quad Day. Beautiful weather brought hundreds of students to the event, in which they learned about how they can contribute to a sustainable campus and were able to interact with different booths for a chance to win sustainability-themed prizes!

Some of the RSOs represented include Students with Environmental Concerns (SECS), the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, & Environment (ISEE), Red Bison, Enactus, Bee Keeping Club, and Wildlife Society.

SWE's booth not only promoted eco-events that the Community Service Committee hosts and promotes, but it also allowed students to play a fun game and test their knowledge while learning about famous women who have contributed to the environmental science field.

Environmental Quad Day will continue to grow and SWE plans to participate in future events to showcase our commitment towards a sustainable campus and healthy environment. Happy Earth Day!

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Team Tech 2019

This year, Team Tech is working with John Deere to create an attachment for their tractors to make the equipment more accessible for customers with a wide variety of disabilities. So far, our team has worked on developing a lift system for users who find it difficult to get into the tractor. We have also worked on a steering mechanism to reduce the force and range of motion required to operate the tractor. In the beginning of February, the team went to a John Deere site off campus and talked with two sales people who answered our questions about the logistics of the project. We learned about the functionality of the tractors, took measurements, and some of our members even got to operate the tractor. We hope that John Deere is impressed with our prototypes, and that our hard work will benefit users with disabilities.

Science of Happiness Girl Scout Workshop

This Girl Scout Workshop was for girls ages 12-14 and was about the different ways you can find happiness. All of the Girl Scouts got a happiness journal where they will be able to write down their happiest memories to remember when they aren’t having a good day. During the workshop, we talked about the importance of a positive mindset and how doing things for others is a great way to stay happy. They enjoyed many activities, such as, writing thank you cards to people they love and creating a list of tips on how to stay happy to keep by their bed or in their lockers. Overall, the workshop was a huge success and all of our volunteers and the Girl Scouts had a blast!

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EWeek 2019

National Engineers Week, better known at UIUC as EWeek, brings together many of the engineering RSOs on campus to compete against each other in many different challenges. The theme for 2019’s EWeek was Jurassic Park and every aspect of the week somehow incorporated dinosaurs. This year SWE created a 10 person team named SWERex to compete, and it was arguably one of the most stressful yet enjoyable weeks of our college careers. We began our EWeek journey by running around engineering campus in children’s dinosaur masks to create a video about dino-engineers taking over campus. Then came the week of truth where we would battle it out with the other competitors to become EWeek champions. We competed in events such as an obstacle course, poop the potato, tug of war, a costume contest, and many other relay-type events. We showed up to the dinosaur costume contest as a banana and Sonic the Hedgehog, got dragged down EHall during tug of war, ran all over campus for Amazing Race, and led a blindfolded team member across North Campus for a relay. And although SWERex did not prevail as the Eweek champion, we laughed more than we thought possible and made countless memories!

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Taipei Cafe

Taipei cafe is the hidden gem of Bubble Tea lounges. Unlike the neon storefronts of Kung Fu Tea and Teamoji, this modest little spot is tucked away on Fourth and Green. I was greeted by a collection of Hayao Miyazaki characters and an insta-worthy lounge space, and after ten minutes of staring down the menu, I finally decided on a drink. My favorite treat is the Okinawa Milk Tea with Pearl which has hints of vanilla and brown sugar and is delicious both hot and iced. Beyond Milk Teas, they also serve Mojitos, Mousse, Shaved Snow, and much more! It’s a perfect spot to meet up with your fellow SWEsters and enjoy a game of Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, or just hide away from the cold for a while.