EWeek 2019

National Engineers Week, better known at UIUC as EWeek, brings together many of the engineering RSOs on campus to compete against each other in many different challenges. The theme for 2019’s EWeek was Jurassic Park and every aspect of the week somehow incorporated dinosaurs. This year SWE created a 10 person team named SWERex to compete, and it was arguably one of the most stressful yet enjoyable weeks of our college careers. We began our EWeek journey by running around engineering campus in children’s dinosaur masks to create a video about dino-engineers taking over campus. Then came the week of truth where we would battle it out with the other competitors to become EWeek champions. We competed in events such as an obstacle course, poop the potato, tug of war, a costume contest, and many other relay-type events. We showed up to the dinosaur costume contest as a banana and Sonic the Hedgehog, got dragged down EHall during tug of war, ran all over campus for Amazing Race, and led a blindfolded team member across North Campus for a relay. And although SWERex did not prevail as the Eweek champion, we laughed more than we thought possible and made countless memories!

Image from iOS - Melissa Doyiakos.jpg