Illinois Student Government open positions

The Illinois Student Government is looking for committed and passionate students to serve in the newly created Sexual Assault Prevention Department. This department will:

  • Conduct research on ways to prevent sexual assault, and best practices from other Universities
  • Issue a report on their findings of ways to prevent sexual assault
  • Develop a plan of action to combat sexual assault for each academic year
  • Explore increasing the impact of current trainings such as FYCARE, GUARD, and Haven Plus
  • Oversee the It’s On Us Campaign

An application to be the It's On Us Campaign Director is also included in this application, but it is optional. The application link can be found here, and the deadline to apply is November 1st. No late applications will be accepted. 


Did you know that our peers aged 18-21 are the lowest demographic signed up on the organ donor registry? There is an opportunity to change that with the Illinois Student Government's new Life Goes On Task Force that will focus on the following:

  • Coordinating with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office
  • Proposing a budget to the Senate for the Task Force
  • Registering individuals at the university and in the area for the organ donor registry
  • Debunking myths surrounding organ donation
  • Developing a PR campaign to promote joining the organ donor registry

You can apply for the Task Force here. The deadline for the application is Sunday, November 5th (11/5) at 9:00 a.m. Late applications will not be accepted.

If you are not already a donor, you can sign up for the organ donor registry here.


The Illinois Student Government has opened the opportunity to serve as student Justices within the Judiciary. Justices shall:

  • Serve until conferral of a degree or departure from the University
  • Oversee and decide on impeachment hearings
  • Possess final jurisdiction over all cases questioning the validity of actions taken by the Government, and may nullify cases where in conflict with the Constitution and the Register
  • Elect, amongst themselves, a Chief Justice who shall serve for a one-year term
  • Oversee all lower courts, tribunals, and boards of the Judiciary
  • Meet alternating Wednesdays at 6PM in the Senate Complex of the Illini Union

The application link can be found here, and the deadline is November 1st. No late applications will be accepted. 

Any questions can be addressed to Spencer Haydary at