Acuity Brands Full-Time Opportunities

Acuity Brands will be visiting the University of Illinois on 9/11/2019 to recruit for the Acuity Brands Leadership Program (LP).

Their program is designed to identify high potential candidates in business and engineering disciplines and provide them opportunities to grow. These candidates join the company in full time professional roles that are designed to enhance their early career development. Each participant spends their first 18-24 months of employment rotating every 6 months in various roles within the same functional area. These roles are largely designed to allow them to have a wide range of exposure to the organization and simultaneously give each part of the organization exposure to the participant. Depending on the scope and complexity of projects the ideal rotation provides a candidate an opportunity to work with new teams, new projects, and acquire new skills.

They will be at the career fair on 9/11/2019. Positions will be available for January and July 2020 start dates.