NASA Pathways Intern Program

What is the Pathways Intern Program?

Our Pathways Intern Program follows a cooperative education model where current undergraduate and graduate students gain valuable work experience on an alternating school/work basis, and serves as a pipeline for our future full-time employees.  Interns receive the same benefits as full-time employees such as bi-weekly pay, insurance, and paid time-off.

Each work tour students rotate into a different functional area at JSC, which allows them to try out different career paths while in school and decide what they want to do after graduation. Each time a student comes for a work tour they’re assigned a mentor who works side-by-side with them to assign a meaningful project and provide the tools/knowledge to complete it.


What Type of Students is NASA Looking for? 

Generally, we’re looking for students who:

·         Have a passion for space and our mission

·         Are self-motivated

·         Possess good interpersonal skills and work well in teams

·         Are well-rounded, focusing on academics as well as on-campus and/or community involvement


This semester we are recruiting the following positions/majors:

·         Johnson Space Center (Houston, Texas)

·         White Sands Test Facility (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Students can prepare to apply by developing a profile in USAJobs, building their resume, and creating a notification for NASA Johnson Space Center Pathways Intern opportunities that will alert them when our announcements open. Please visit our website for more information and let me know if you have any questions!