Bussiness Today - Ask A Question to Top Executives

Business Today is asking undergraduate students to submit questions to executives featured in their Fall 2019 Magazine, and if selected, your name will be featured in the final copy. Previously, students from India and Argentina asked questions to the CEO of National Geographic, Gary Knell, in our Spring 2019 Magazine.

The Magazine is the longest-running aspect of Business Today, and as a complement to our conference arm, it presents current market trends and enterprise developments from an undergraduate perspective. As the most widely circulated undergraduate publication in the United States, the Magazine has the sort of reach that allows us to secure interviews with prominent executives and business minds.

They’re hoping to solicit your help to develop imaginative questions for their interviewees! This is an opportunity to show off your creative side—the Magazine team would love to hear what you want to learn from the industry titans we feature. This year's executives include:

Edward Felsenthal, CEO of TIME Magazine

Ronald P. O'Hanley, CEO of State Street Corporation

Dick Cass, President of the Baltimore Ravens

Norm Augustine, former US Under Secretary of the Army & CEO of Lockheed Martin

Brad Smith, President at Microsoft

Amit Mukherjee, Partner at NEA

Lisa Uzschneider, CEO Integral Ad Science, former CRO of Yahoo

Please submit your questions to this form (https://journal.businesstoday.org/ask-an-exec) by this Friday, September 9th. If selected, they will include your name in the magazine and send you a copy free of charge.