Facebook Open House

9/10 Facebook Open House: 2405 Siebel 2-4:30pm (please try your best to arrive at 2pm but you can also stop by anytime during this duration)
*Come learn more about our various Facebook engineering roles (Software, Data Analytics, Hardware, Production, Product etc.) from our very own engineers, learn more about Facebook’s mission & social impact work, meet recruiters, learn some technical interview tips & tricks and have fun!
*Food will be provided!
RSVP HERE: Fb.me/FBopenhouse (Event ID: 691)

9/10 Facebook Tech Talk: 2405 Siebel 7pm

*Come learn more about Facebook AR/VR technology from one of our software engineers as well as from some of our previous interns!
*Food will be provided!
RSVP HERE: Fb.me/TechTalkUIUC (Event ID: 135)