GradSWEekly [Week of October 16, 2017]

Front and Center

GradSWE Positive Mindset Lunch
Tuesday, October 17 | 12:00-1:00PM | 2005 MEL (Deere Pavilion)
Shayne and Jarrett, facilitators from the Counseling Center at UIUC, will lead a workshop on positive thinking and optimism. Please sign up here if you plan to attend.
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Upcoming Events

Exponent PhD Information Session
Thursday, October 26 | 5:00-6:00PM | 2005 MEL (Deere Pavilion)
Discover a non-academic career that will allow you to take full advantage of your engineering, scientific, and analytical background. Exponent is an engineering and scientific consulting firm that hires doctoral students in chemical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, and many other technical disciplines. At Exponent you will have the opportunity to advance your technical and professional skill set while working in a multi-disciplinary setting with hundreds of fellow scientists and engineers to solve challenging problems. At this seminar, an Exponent consultant will present examples of real cases, talk about working as a consultant, and discuss how your background can fit into this exciting world. Food will be provided. If interested, please sign up here.
Contact: Sierra Young ( or Jenny Irwin (

weSTEM 2018 Conference
Registration to attend weSTEM 2018 is now open!
Join GradSWE at Illinois on Saturday, February 10th for our flagship initiative - the Women Empowered in STEM (weSTEM) conference. During this annual event, STEM leaders will share experience and insight from their diverse career paths following a graduate degree. Conference includes panel discussions and breakout sessions to facilitate one-on-one interactions with these accomplished speakers and promote the discussion of topics unique to the graduate student experience.

Learn more at:
UIUC registration form || Non-UIUC application form
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Other Announcements

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