Membership Enrichment & Social


What does Membership Enrichment & Social do?

The Membership Enrichment & Social Committee works towards a welcoming and inspiring environment within SWE and campus. We organize a variety of social events to build a strong connection among SWE members and also host many interactive activities to help enhance experience as SWE members. We celebrate creativity, diversity and imagination. If you have any questions about membership enrichment or are interested in getting involved with the Membership Enrichment/Social Committee or SWE at UIUC, contact Michelle Cheong at or Claire Samojedny at

Events and Activities:

Highlights of the events organized by Membership Enrichment are workshops, intramurals, Meet and Eat and E-week. Monthly workshops with various topics aims to improve a skill and give out useful suggestions. Intramurals are hosted every month with sports-lovers. Meet and Eat is presented by SWE members who love to share their exclusive experience and send out inspirations. E-week in spring is a week-long event within College of Engineering, where SWE team is involved in a series of competitions to earn awards and prizes.

Social does lots of fun events to let off steam like a happy hour every month, our annual fall barn dance and a bar crawl each semester! These events are a great way to meet other SWEsters in a casual environment. We are also excited to co-host lots of events with other engineering RSOs on campus this year!