About SWEOutreach at UIUC

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers is the ultimate goal of this committee. Through both larger events on campus as well as recurring events with community partners, we work to share our enthusiasm and knowledge of science and engineering. Whether as a partner, participant, or supporter within our events, there are many ways to get involved. If you have any questions about SWEOutreach or are interested in getting involved contact Kylie Burkett and Saloni Nagarkar at outreachsweillinois@gmail.com.

The Importance of STEM Outreach

Diversity of thought is imperative to solving today's complex problems - particularly technical challenges. Yet women and other minorities still make up a small percentage of the STEM workforce. You can find more information on diversity in STEM, including articles and activities on our SWEOutreach site. The national SWE outreach page can be found here.

Events & Activities:

Annual large events

Introduce a girl to engineering day

  • Age: Highschool 

  • Date: October 26th

  • Description: IGED is a one day event for highschool girls to come to UIUC and interact with different engineering students!  Parents are encouraged to join as we will also have a parent program where you can learn more about encouraging your daughter and inspiring her to follow where dreams. Through hands on activities as well as interaction with current engineering students and professors, this event is uniquely designed to help high school girls understand what a career in engineering might entail.

Dads 4 daughters in stem

  • Age: K-2nd Grade

  • Date: November 16th

  • Description: A day of engineering and STEM exploration for fathers and their daughters. Learn about how to encourage her to follow her dream and be an advocate!  Get excited for a morning full of hands-on STEM activities followed by a daddy-daughter design project in the afternoon!  

Engineering Exploration

  • Age: Middle School

  • Date: February 1st

  • Description: Explore the various engineering disciplines through hands on activities and interaction with our SWE volunteers. Middle school girls will have activities tailored to their age group as well as opportunities to learn from each other.

Engineering Open house

[100 year anniversary!]

  • Age: ALL

  • Date: March 27th-28th

  • Description: EOH is an annual event run by students in the College of Engineering at UIUC to showcase of the incredible engineering talent at this university. Every year, EOH features over 200 interactive demonstrations, four design competitions, entertainment, guest speakers, and campus tours. Come visit our SWEOutreach booth for some fun science activities! 

  • https://www.eohillinois.org/

STrong women, strong girls

  • Age: 3-5th Grade

  • Date: April 25th

  • Description: Come enjoy some quality time with someone who inspires YOU and learn why engineering is fun along the way! This day long event will include STEM activities, demonstrations, and fun challenges. 

Recurring events

(Want SWEOutreach to visit your classroom or community program? Please email Micki and Simran at outreach.swe.uiuc@gmail.comAs it takes us time to organize volunteers and logistics, we kindly ask you email us at least 2 weeks in advance with a request.)

For Kids Only (FKO):

This program involves weekly visits to classrooms at local elementary schools. During these visits, SWEOutreach volunteers lead classroom activities and execute lesson plans to educate students on various topics in science and engineering. Although the material learned is important, the primary goal is to increase interest and excitement in the engineering fields while building a strong bond with the class! Our main partner for this program is Leal School in Urbana.


This program involves monthly visits to local middle schools to discuss various topics pertaining to STEM fields. Through activities and lesson plans built around different engineering disciplines, our SWEOutreach volunteers help build problem solving and teamwork skills, as well as show how engineers can impact the world. Our main partner for this program is St. Matthews Middle School.

CU Special Rec:

Outside the classroom, SWEOutreach strives to share a love of science and engineering within the community. In partnership with the Champaign Urbana Special Recreation Center, this monthly program aims to engage young scientists in fun activities!