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The mission of GradSWE is to promote diversity in graduate education in engineering and science to enable innovative and creative solutions to the future technical challenges of society.

Engineers and scientists contribute to the betterment of society by identifying and solving technical problems. The development and distribution of clean water, medical imaging, and the Internet are just a few highlights of engineering and scientific breakthroughs that have improved lives. With the advancement of technology the future challenges facing society are becoming increasingly complex, and their solutions will require an innovative workforce that is diverse in its education, gender, culture, age, etc. For example, to accomplish the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenge to engineer personalized medicine, people of many different backgrounds must work together to ensure no groups’ needs are overlooked. GradSWE advocates for women in graduate education so that they can confidently excel at the frontier of scientific advancement. A diverse and balanced workforce of individuals with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees is necessary to tackle society's biggest challenges with innovation and creativity, and GradSWE strives to make this workforce a reality.

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GradSWE is a support community and advocate for graduate women in engineering and for undergraduate women interested in pursuing graduate studies in engineering. We encourage women to pursue graduate school, support them throughout their graduate education, and help prepare them for their future careers after they complete their degree. GradSWE provides events that cater to the needs of graduate students and undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate school.

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