Professional Liaison


What does Professional Liaison do?

The Professional Liaison Committee strives to strengthen and build a solid network between SWE members and engineering alumni, graduate students, and the corporate world. We host various social and formal events that promote these relationships and offer invaluable career-related opportunities for current undergraduate students.

If you would like to join the Professional Liaison Committee, please email Jenny Marten at

Events & Activities:

Several of the social events coordinated by our committee are Be Professional, Professional and Alumni Brunch, and Night of Networking. These events are the highlights of our committee and are some of the largest events in SWE. We are always looking for more professionals and ambitious students to join us at our events and activities.

In addition to social events, we do our best to maintain cordial relationships with our alumni through establishment of the Mentoring Program, where undergraduate SWE members and willing professionals are paired up for a mentor-mentee relationship. We also present Alumni of the Month to familiarize current SWE members with several of our highly accomplished alumni and provide networking opportunity in case they are interested in finding out more.